The Project

Liverpool occupies an important position in the story of abortion in Ireland. Since the 1970s activist groups in Liverpool have offered accommodation and other support to women travelling from Ireland seeking abortions and Liverpool Women’s Hospital is the only health provider directly referenced in political debates on Irish women’s right to abortion.

However, little is known about the ‘Liverpool perspective’. Questions remain over what Irish women travelling to Liverpool experience, how they are supported, and their impact on health provision in the city. As a result the full ramifications of the ‘abortion traffic’ created by the legal restrictions in Northern and Southern Ireland and the contours of this ‘abortion trail’ are unclear.
Supported by the Wellcome Trust Seed Fund in Humanities and Social Science, the project seeks to address this gap in knowledge. Bringing together historical, sociological and clinical perspectives, it begins a discussion of the Liverpool-Ireland Abortion Corridor as a socio-cultural phenomenon with implications for clinical practice.