Justice and the Liverpool-Ireland Abortion Corridor

liverpoolmapThe Liverpool-Ireland Abortion Corridor – and the other Irish ‘abortion trails’ –  are the product of restrictions on abortion in Northern and Southern Ireland. The second workshop focuses on these legal and political contours as they are lived intimately, collectively, and publicly through the movement of women along the LIAC. This focused discussion is intended to ignite a more extended exploration of the LIAC (and the other abortion trails) as the spatialised dimensions of a politico-legal debate.

The workshop combines a more tradition ‘conference’ style with critical pedagogical co-reflection. Participants will be invited to present their work; share questions; and map out avenues for future collaborative inquiry and ways to articulate the politico-legal contours of the LIAC.

The workshop will be held on Saturday June 4th at the MAC in Belfast from 9.30am to 4pm. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

As there is no registration fee places are limited. To reserve a place please contact the project team: liverpoolabortioncorridor@gmail.com

*The workshop is a closed event. Due to the sensitive nature of the debate the project team reserves the right to refuse entry.